The I.M.Method

Throughout time, men & women have transformed their bodies and minds through the practice and pursuit of becoming stronger from the inside out. While so many today are focused on living superficially, we believe if you start with the inside (self love and self acceptance), then you will not only reach your goals, but enjoy the journey along the way!

Iron Maiden Fitness is a weight training fusion studio that focuses on body sculpting, building strength, nutrition, & most important...

overall wellness.

Oh!..and don't let the name fool you. We cater to all people... as long as you leave your ego at the door. Whether you like the rock band, the torture device, or are just a bad ass human being...


Sepia photo of woman lifting a weight on the beach

What to expect

  • To be greeted with a smile and checked in with for anything we may need to know. (e.g. injuries, etc.)

  • To get a thorough warm up before you start your workout.

  • A workout focused on Cardio for the burn, and sculpting for both your small and large muscle groups.

  • Close attention to your form and modifications wherever needed.

  • To leave feeling strong and alive!

Meet the Team



14374 Ventura Blvd.

(back left corner of building on 2nd floor)

Sherman Oaks, California 91423


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