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Image by bruce mars
Image by Jonathan Borba

Private Training

 In addition to awesome group classes, IMF offers custom & specialized private training for goals such as:

Fat Loss & Muscle Sculpting

Building Strength & Endurance

Proper Form for Injury Prevention

Rehabbing Injuries

Muscle Balancing

Overall Health!

Rates - $85 - $100 a session

For questions or to sign up, please contact us!

Semi Private

Not quite ready to brave one of our group classes? Or just needing something smaller or more specialized? Great! We offer small group training of up to 4 people. With our small group training, you can expect:


More Focused Attention

Use of all our Private Training Equipment

Custom Routines 

Flexible Scheduling

Working Out With Friends!



2 People - $50 Each

3 People - $40 Each

4 People - $30 Each

For questions or to sign up, please contact us!

Image by bruce mars
Image by Louis Hansel

Nutrition Blueprinting

Anyone who has truly reached their fitness & health goals knows that nutrition is one of the main components to success. But as we age, what once worked for us, may no longer, which can leave us frustrated, confused, and unable to get any longterm results. 

Our nutrition blueprinting session offers just that..a BLUEPRINT for how to reach your personal goals. In this session, you will learn:

-How many calories to aim for each day.

-What your ideal macros are.

-When to eat to stay on track.

-What supplements would help you thrive.

- How to eat simply & effectively.

- How much water to drink.

- The list goes on!

Blueprint Session - $125

Accountability coaching - $85 weekly

For questions or to sign up, please contact us!

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