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We are beyond excited to have you make history with us. Whether you have a lot, a little, or zero experience lifting weights , I have great news for you...

Weightlifting is for Everyone
The most beautiful thing about weight training is thats its all relative. In a class, you will see people lift heavier than you..and lighter than you. At Iron Maiden there is no "heavy" and there is no "light". There is just the weight that challenges YOU. 

Need Modifications?
We at Iron Maiden are modification junkies! Because every body is different, we are focused on making sure you get a great workout while taking care of your individual needs.

First Class Checklist
When you come to IM for the first time, here's what we'd love from you:

  1. Make sure to bring water, a towel, comfy workout clothes and tennis shoes.

  2.  Eat something light an hour before class, but don't go nuts with a big meal. Just enough to fuel your workout. 

  3. Come to class 10 minutes early to check in, meet your trainer, and get set up at the bench of your choice.

Sepia photo of man doing a bicep curl

Welcome to Iron Maiden

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