Common Questions

Is IM for me?
With the obvious exception for people with serious illnesses and handicaps, weight lifting & sculpting movements can help almost everyone. The most beautiful thing about strength workouts is that its all relative. In a class, you will see people lift heavier than you..and lighter than you. At Iron Maiden there is no "heavy" and there is no "light". There is just the weight that challenges YOU. We also have a high focus on form and modifications where needed. Whether you're coming in with muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or injury, chances are..we've got you covered. Not sure? Reach out and let's chat!

Will weight training make me bulky?
While it is true some some people increase muscle easier than other people, but it truly comes down to what you put in your body VS how you train.  At Iron Maiden,  we are here to help you train and eat for YOUR body type and goals.

What do I bring to class?
All you'll need for class is comfortable workout clothes, tennis shoes, a small towel & water. 

Should I eat before class?
While some people do just fine working out without eating beforehand, some need a little something to use as fuel. Think about what type you are and plan accordingly.