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April Wellness Challenge

I.M’s April Wellness challenge is passionately focused on helping every spoke on your “wellness wheel” reach its full potential. Together, for the month of April, we will actively practice giving our bodies what they need to meet all the demands we put on them. As a result, they will reward us with:

  1. Increased metabolic rate.

  2. Fat Loss.

  3. Muscle gain and/or maintainance.

  4. Increased bone density.

  5. Decreased inflammation.

  6. Better recovery sleep.

  7. Decreased anxiety and stress response.

  8. Better hair & skin.

  9. Mental clarity


What YOU can expect from this challenge:

  1. Weekly meal plans that are simple, easy, clean, and require very minimal preparation. They are geared toward detoxing, & giving your body all the best it needs for success. 

  2. Daily nutritional coaching for any personal help needed.

  3. A community Facebook page to chat, vent, and get daily support during the month.

  4. A 10% discount on Arbonne Protein Powder should you decide to use it. (Completely Optional).

  5. Lastly, you get a healthy body that cannot thank you enough! 


What this Challenge expects from YOU:

  1. At least THREE workouts a week at Iron Maiden Fitness whether on Zoom or in studio. I should say 4 but I’m a nice ginger. :)

  2. Staying on track with the meal plan you are given, and communication with your coach if any changes need to be made.

  3. A daily check in on the Iron Maiden Challenge Page, with how you’re doing, how you did & anything you’d like to add!

  4. A weekly wellness goal each week. (Example – 10 Min meditation every morning).

  5. At least a ½ gallon of water every day. I’ve done challenges with a full gallon a day, so don’t event start.

  6. At least 7 hours of sleep a night. Yup…Go to bed earlier.

  7. At least 10k steps a day.

  8. Not eating past 7pm. The only exception is a protein shake (In water, not milk). Eat earlier. No excuses…its ONE month.  





Challenge Duration:

Mon April 4th – Sun May 1st (27 days!)

Cost - $100


Sign Up - HERE!

* You'll receive an email within 24 hours of signing up with confirmation and help with getting prepared. Lets get healthy and fit together!!


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